​Physical Exams

About Dr. Mark Young of Citywide Chiropractic and Acupuncture

and Omaha DOT/CDL Physical Examinations

Dr. Mark Young DC, CME

​Certified Medical Examiner


​Just a little bit about myself. I was born in the great city of Memphis, TN, which is my mothers home town. My father is a recently retired Optometrist from Hutchinson, KS, where I spent my formidable years. I have also spent a number of years in Boulder, CO, Austin, TX and Minneapolis, MN where I went to college at Northwestern Health Sciences University to become a Chiropractor. 

My interest in becoming a Chiropractor began when I was about 21 after having suffered through a horrible bout of low back pain while working in construction in my hometown of Hutchinson, KS. I was referred by my father to a husband/wife Chiropractic team for care and was thoroughly astounded by how quickly they were able to get me back to work at what was a very labor intensive job. They never over-treated me, and they taught me the things that I could do for myself to help me, help myself. I am forever grateful to them for showing me a better way to heal, than just popping a pill.  

As life moved forward, I always remembered what the good doctors had done for me, and felt like becoming a Chiropractor would be a perfect fit. But this dream was not to be for some time  to come. Through circumstance, I eventually found myself in Minneapolis where I soon stumbled across a great Chiropractic College, which is now Northwestern Health Sciences University. With my families blessing, I almost immediately began the arduous task of completing over seven years of College. Then Clinical trials and lastly the long series of Chiropractic Board Exams. 

During Chiropractic Boards, I was invited  into what is called a Preceptorship, with a Doctor of Chiropractic in St. Paul, MN.  He was also kind enough to offer me a place to practice after I completed all my boards and was granted my Doctorate in Chiropractic. I spent the next 11 years practicing Chiropractic in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. During this time, I also discovered a niche market of patients that was in need of care. It was those patients who could not make it out of their homes to see a Chiropractor, or those who simply lacked transportation or the means to travel to a doctors appointment. It was then that I started to develop what I call a Mobile Chiropractic Practice, where I set appointments accordingly, and traveled with a portable Chiropractic table and therapy equipment, to a number of my patients homes. It was during this time that I became expert in the treatment of auto accident injuries, many times working as a team with other doctors of neurology, orthopedics and physiatrists in order to manage the severity of some of our patients conditions. I also became very adept at dealing with attorneys and Insurance companies. Both those representing my own patients and many times those that represented an at fault driver. 

Obviously, this takes some balancing of patients and I soon found the need to also see patients in the evening and on weekends in order to make sure they could be seen, and get the treatment they needed. This is the same business model that I currently follow here in Omaha, NE.  I am frequently called out in the evening, on Sundays and even holidays to see patients who have no one else to call. Sometimes it's because they can't reach their regular Chiropractor or Acupuncturist because of the hour or the day. No problem! I will gladly treat a patient on an emergency basis and send them back to the doctor they normally see. 

I also practiced Chiropractic out of an Oriental Medicine Clinic here in Omaha. These are frequently called TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine

Clinics. This is where I was mentored in the teachings of Chinese style Acupunture as well as Acupuncture technique and safety. I was mentored here for over a year and a half before opening up my own Clinic in Omaha. I also furthered my Acupuncture Education by attending courses with the IACA. The Iowa association of Chiropractic Acupuncture.

I am obviously also a Certified Medical Examiner registered with the FMCSA, short for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which is a division of the DOT, or Department of Transportation. The FMCSA is the govermental agency concerned with public safety in regards to Commercial Driver Fitness for Duty. In short, the majority of Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers are required to have a DOT/CDL Physical examination at a minimum of every two years by a Certified medical Examiner to assure that they are Fit and Healthy enough to be behind the wheel of a large Motor Vehicle. This is not done just for the driver, but more importantly, for the safety of the public, who share the same roads and highways!